ASP.NET Core MVC - First steps

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- create a quick website based on an existing Azure hosted sql server database

- enable upload of files

- enable user login per project

- enable notification of new uploads


  • Create an Azure SQL Server database
  • Create SQL with the SSMA (migration assistant) from Access
    • ODBC tracing is invaluable
    • Simplify, simplify
    • Access enginer does a good job of minimising queries if you follow the Form1 -> linked to -> Form2 -> linked to -> Form3
    • Import queries to SQL server as Views. Ensure there is a unique index to enable modification.
    • Combo boxes - could be lots of queries. Use caching.
  • Make a ASP.NET website with "MVC Core Entity Framework "
    • Existing DB: Use Microsoft guide to connect to Azure SQL Server and "Scaffold" the classes based on the database
    • Create a simple interface (ie. web page) to one of the tables.
  • That's the basic concept. Now we need to provide more interface: