Getting a Website

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Getting a Website

So you want a website? Were do you start? The basics are listed below.

Register a Domain Name

Choose a name such as There are some rules about this but they are reasonable. Your website design will register it for you.

The on-going cost is about $30 per year to keep this name.

Make your Site

Give your website designer text images and information on what you want (pages contact details

Designer fees vary. They should include organising the hosting but exclude the on-going costs.

Host your Site

Hosting means paying a company to store your website and let the public access it. It's like hiring a 24/7 computer. Your designer will arrange this.

The on-going cost is around $300 / year to host a site.

Update your Site

Your designer should make a site you can easily edit (like a live Word document). You can upload photos change the text add new pages


Depending on your needs you can add maps better search results