Controlling and Monitoring a House

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Controlling Things

Relays in board

In the DB are 24VAC/240VAC relays (VS116U). An Arduino and the circuit shown control a 24VAC power supply which controls the relays. The Arduino 'listens' to MQTT for a turn-off/turn-on command.

10x IN4004 Diode: Bought for $1 on ebay

10x NPN 2N2222 Transitor: Bought for $1 on ebay



Heat Exchanger

Monitoring is via 4 temperature sensors, hanging in the unit. See "temperature monitoring".

This unit has control for: power (on/off), speed (1,2,3), 2 dampers.

Speed is hard to control and not necessary.

Power is controlled via a relay, as noted above.

Dampers are 24VAC units, drawing 200mA each. Therefore, 1000mA transistors will be

Monitoring Things

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