Fix a Rubber (?!) Soled Boot

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Fix a Rubber (?!) Soled Boot


Good method with heat:

Fixing your own delams is pretty easy. The tools you will need will be a bastard file a heat gun. and possibly a dremmel tool but not required.

Step 1. Remove all the old glue from the rubber on both sides. use the heat gun to open up the delam a bit more so you can repatch the surrounding areas to the delam. Use the bastard file to file off some old glue. ( you can use a chemical cold MEK. It will eat that old glue right up. Just be carefull with it as it will delam anything it touches :) Use a toothbrush with the MEK to scrub off old glue. let the shoes dry off.
Step 2. Use a barge cement or an industrial glue of some sort for an adhesive. apply the glue to both sides of the rubber or shoe opening. Let that glue dry. DONT TACK IT TOGETHER YET!. once the glue dries and has a good bond to both sides. Take your heat gun and heat it back up. NOt to the point of gooey gooey but enough to make it want to tack and stick back up. Then go ahead and tack the shoe together. I use the bastard file to fold over the rubber. especially if it is on the toe. This helps avoid in air pockets underneath which will of course blow out.
STep 3. Let them sit for a solid hour to dry and tack up. Then take your dremmel tool if you have one or your bastard file and clean the excess glue off the toe or outside of the shoe.



toe and heel: thermoplastic
1375: bifida
Compound: SBR
Suggested adhesive: neoprene
Styrene-butadiene rubber (SBR) although talks at TPR too.
- PU polar polyurethence is not suitable without halogenation

UPPER: 3mm silicone impregnated Idro-Perwanger Roughout leather/ Vibram® rubber rand/ Removable EZ Flex tongue with Dry-Best® lining
LINING: Gore-Tex® Insulated Comfort Footwear
INSOLE: 8mm MtnFlex with 2mm Dacromet coated full steel shank
MIDSOLE: SBR Aircushion
(one-piece synthetic butadiene rubbe)
SOLE: Skywalk® MPE : a SBR sole.

MEK primer is common. TBC on SBR / TPR.