North Italy Alps -

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Trip planning

Walking Routes

Euro routes. E2/GR5 is reasonably high, but no transalp routes (they cross)

Altitudes via Color coded map





Aim for skiable conditions: March, April to early May in places.

Some guy: " With this in mind you will want to go when the huts are open and staffed, roughly from the 3rd week of March through mid-May.  "

Me: May/June had snow about 2500m

Need snow to 2000m for skiing, to avoid hgiher areas with glaciers. At elevations above 1,500 m almost all precipitation in winter falls as snow. Snow usually lasts from November until May at the (2,000-m) level,

Conclusion: April to mid May ; except snow line at 1500m to 2000m

RED Via Alpina


and profile:

Start at Mont Bego ... travel to Risoul / Mont Viso. 8 days travel ... say 2 weeks including getting there.

Then bus/hitch to vanoise


Modane to Aostra -> make our way through vanoise and paradiso. exit at aosta.

note: red route from valoise to chamoix is pretty low:

see and



HAUTE ROUTE : chamois to zermat



We like to leave Chamonix on a Sunday and arrive in Zermatt on a Friday as it gives us the best chance of having quiet huts along the way.  If you want solitude and a higher possibility of good snow then look at late March or early April and ski mid-week to avoid the crowds during the trip.

"Classic": more mountaineering, less traffic. 1 week.


Both of the above have a break on day 2 (taxi)

Grand Lui is longer and no break


14 days

"There is no glacier walking except for one narrow glacier that in normal circumstances can be treated merely as a snow patch, and there is no rock climbing. "


From Bageres /Mont Fort to entry to Zurmatt Valley it's high. Looking here it looks feasible to ski cabane to cabane on and of the route, below the glaciers.

2 weeks

From Zurmatt Valley it's mixed to Bernina.

North of Lake Como, probably too low, head to Sondrio and continue to Bernina.

After this, red heads north and low - continue east to bolzano


Other linsk

Chamoix asoc of guides: