OpenCV 3 installation on Window with Python 2.7 and NumPy 1.9

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This was a bit tricky due to different versions, out-of-date tutorials and the like. Brief notes on a success install are below.

Mid 2016

Trying with Python 3.5

OpenCV 2.4 (wierd, lower version than 2015?) is the stable version but doesn't (?) support Py3

OpenCV 3.1 : py3 support from 3.0 onwards

pip install opencv_python-3*win_amd64.whl
pip install numpy


Late 2015

Go it going for Python 2.7


  • Date: 18/8/2015
  • Window 10
  • LiClipse as a IDE, although this is optional



Optional LiClipse

  • After Python 2.7 is installed...
  • Make a new project
  • Set properties of project, and go to "interpreter".
  • "Add new interpreter not listed" and specify python.exe in Python 2.7 directory