More Details on Phi

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How does it work?

Non-invasive sensors ("CTs") clip around each of your switchboard's circuits. Each of these 14 sensors is recorded at micro-second intervals to determine the instanteous power draw on each circuit. The pocket-sized unit contains a tiny computer, wifi-connector and on-board storage to handle all this.

The unit transmits data to the cloud where it is stored. Users then access the data in a variety of views: via an app, on a touchscreen or via a webpage.

If desired, detailed data logs can be downloaded for further analysis.

What is required? What are the limitations?

We'll access suitability in our free consult. You'll need a wifi connection and powerpoint need your switchboard. We can arrange these if necessary. Your switchboard must be safe to work on, for obvious reasons.

The system, can monitor a default of 14 circuits, though additional units can be added.

Single and three phase power can be monitored.

Who is it good for?

Typical savings are 20%, on-going. Hence a power bill of $5000 per annum will provide an immediate (i.e. one year) payback. Power bills less than $2000 per annum ($500 per quarter) are only economic in the medium term, but still useful to understand and reduce your consumption.

Typical clients include small business, schools, gyms, larger homes, clubs and like. Very small tenancies in multi-storey offices are typically unsuited, as their air-conditioning is the major consumer and seperately metered.

How is it different?

Previous systems have either been very expensive and bulky, or small, cheap and unreliable. Simple wireless energy monitors only monitor the whole-of-building usage and, being battery powered, are notoriously unreliable.

The Phi system is different in being a high-build-quality, monitoring up to 14 sub-circuits and providing highly reliable operation. The recent advances in custom electronics and cloud computing have enabled this to be provided at reasonable costs.

What does the base system include?

  • Preliminary consultation
  • Hardware including IotaWatt unit, power supplies, cabling, current transformers
  • Installation including CT installation and configuration
  • Software including configuration of your devices
  • User training

What extras are available?

  • On-going montitoring and energy effiency recommendation from our accredited engineer
  • Onsite tablet for touchscreen operation
  • Customised graphics, dials, graphs
  • Multiple boards and more than 14 circuits
  • Other industrial monitoring systems