Phi Power Saver

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What does Phi Power do?

It monitors power and energy over each circuit in a building, and records this data to the cloud. Users can access this data via a mobile app, an on-site touch screen or any computer. Live and historic data is available in a customisable layout.

The system is based on the open-source "Open Energy Monitor" system.

Pocket-sized data collector with up to 14 sub-circuits. This is installed in or near the switchboard, and connects wirelessly.
Typical display panel inside the building.

How does it save energy?

By understanding where your energy is consumed, you can reduce consumption through targeted measures.

Typically, energy savings are realised by:

  • Identifying faulty equipment (10-30% savings): poorly configured hot water system, high standby load air-conditioners, over-running pool and hot water pumps.
  • Identifying energy hungry appliances (0% - 20% savings): some older fridges and outside lights can be replaces and payback in less than a year
  • Encourage awareness (5% - 20%): a quick glance at your monitor before leaving and house, or going on holidays can prevent inadvertant wastage
  • Maximise solar use (0% - 30%): track your solar production and configure equipment to run when you have surplus energy.

Detailed historic data. Solar shown in green.
Mobile app with simplified interface.

How much does it cost? How do I get one?

Supply and install costs $950.

We'll arrange a free consultation onsite to discuss your needs and ensure your switchboard is suitable. Then installation is done at the switchboard and on your mobile or tablet (if desired). We'll train you in understanding the results.

Various additional options are available, such as multiple switchboards, customised alerts and the like.

Contact us at to arrange a consultation, or call Brett directly on 0423 385 624.