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File Structure

“File Structure” refers to where you store your submission files such as credit PDFs reports etc. It is independent to “Database Structure”.

  • Every project has the following structure which is created automatically:
    • Project Root\
      • R1 Working: Multiple PDF documents which will be combined. Put your 'in progress' files here.
      • R1 Ready: One-PDF-per-credit which is produced from “R1 Working”. Ready for submission. Do not edit these: use R1 Working and recreate.
      • Reports: Dated set of reports serving as a snapshot.

There is a R2 set of these directories too.

File Naming

  • All files should be in PDF format
  • All file names has a defined format which ensures each document can be uniquely identified.                   

Credit Code

Document Code





GSAP Certificate



Use a dash. Always a category and number.

Anything without spaces is fine. Usually a single letter. Used to idenitfy the document within the credit.

Anything is fine.

  • Valid examples:
    • Man-6 DD A great document.pdf
    • IEQ-10 A This is the end.pdf
  • Invalid examples:
    • Fruit-1 DD There is not fruit category.pdf
    • Man-1 A This is not a PDF.doc
    • Man-1 My_document_has_no_doc_code.pdf

Database Structure

“Database structure” refers to your project data such as what points you are targeting. It is the project's “meta” data and is independent of the project's files (such as PDFs).

Some points to note:

  • By default your projects (but not their files!) are stored in “GSC-Var.accdb” (typically in C:\Program Files (x86)\Green Star Central\).
  • You can share your projects with colleagues by putting this data on a network drive (eg. x:\esd\gsc\). This process is automated for you - just select Setup\File Locations.