Insulating a Queenslander

Stud Walls Often you can’t access the wall without removing weatherboard or plaster. However, the stud bays in my house are open – no noggings, few wires. Therefore I’ll try to pump in insulation via (1) top (2) bottom or (3) a […]

Daylight Analysis

Level 1 (Ground) We want good daylight – a “daylight factor” (DF) if used with a uniform sky. <2% is dim (dark blue) 2% to 5% is good More than 10% is pretty bright, but okay for outside areas No windows Standard […]

Solar Analysis

In Brisbane we want zero sun in Summer, a tiny tiny bit in Spring and Autumn and a reasonable amount in Winter. Analysis is straightforward and shows: Shading Take 1 : Base Analysis: L2 east facade needs strong external shading. Operable shades […]

Daylight and Sun Shading Analysis – Superceded Pod Design

Shading and Daylighting Using Ecotect and some custom scripts, it’s possible to quickly generate “views from the sun”. Using Radiance, we can calculate the amount of natural light we’ll get from the windows, and which are will be dark. Some examples are […]