Zinken Compact 21 : Repairs

I bought this unit in Brisbane, Australia. This records details in case they are useful to others.


Bearings were mostly stuffed after 30 years. They are metric and available from standard suppliers. Steel sides (ZZ).

  • Spindle Molder Belt Idler: 6000 (x2)
  • Spindle Molder:
    • 6205
    • 6005 (47odx25idx12thk)
  • Saw: 6001 (x2)
  • Planer: 6304 “ZR” (x2)
  • Drive Shaft (starting closest to motor)
    • 6205ZZ : 52od x 25id x 15thk (1): 6205
    • 6005ZZ: 47od x 25id x 12thk (x2): 6005
  • Square Slider Table Rollers: 626 (x6)

Sources: Applied Industrial Geebung, CBC Eagle Farm


  • Turn the machine on its table to access.
  • The drive shaft retaining bolt (at the end of the shaft) is reverse threaded (M8, 22 long thread).
  • A bearing puller is required for drive shaft with a reach of >110mm


Must get custom made. Used type F1, GT 10P, 1.6mm from Forbo

  • Saw: 815×25
  • Planer: 930×25
  • Molder: 1050×25
  • Feed: 750×15

Sources: Forbo Virginia

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