Make and Repair Hiking Gear: MYOG

Seam sealing This is the first thing to go on a tent. My snow tent was fine except for the seams – tape flaked off. I’m unsure if it’s PU or Silnylon. Some good background is here. I’m trying the following tapes: […]

Walking GR5 Via Alpina in May June (2016)

In May and June of 2016 I walked from Menton (near Nice, south-east France) to Mont Paradiso (Italy, nearish Mt Blanc) which is quite high. There are some notes and tips and photos. Details below, or:TLDR> see the photo gallery. Where See […]

Hiking the Haute Route Pyrenees (HRP) GR-10, GR-11

Walking the Pyrenees High Route (Haute Route Pyrenee: HRP) in Early Season Overview In April, May and June 2011 I walked from the west (Atlantic) coast eastwards along the Pyrenees to the highest point: halfway to the Mediterranean side. This doc summarises […]