Battery PiZero W, PiJuice Zero and a Camera

Goal Make a really simple timelapse camera. Runs on a Pi and uploads photos when WiFi available Always taking photos and saving. Always trying to upload photos. Wifi setup to act as host or client Option: Battery Bank Not that efficient but […]

Timelapse Cloud

I’ve got a timelapse camera which takes photos. It’s a raspberry pi running linux. I want a website with videos of these timelapse images without manually making them. Here’s my working. Approach Storage: AWS S3 bucket: Use it to store images, videos […]

Streaming Videos with HTML5 and Dash

I’ve created some timelapse videos. Uploading to YouTube worked, but for the timelapse camera, the making of videos is automatic and served by a cloud/local webserver. Locally, with a 50Mb (few minutes @25fps, 1080p), this is fine. A simple <video> tag and […]

Pi Zero W Timelapse Camera

This scratch pad records my experience with a Pi Zero W unit, capturing outside timelapses. Controlling the PiCamera Reference to python module for control of the Pi Camera (I’m using r1.3). Dev Setup On a headless pi, it’s a pain to view […]

Mini Battery and Solar Powered Timelapse Camera

I wanted a small, battery-powered timelapse camera. First I tried mobile phones but they were not stable in the long term. Previously I’d used a Raspberry Pi which is good, but not battery friendly, a bit big, and a bit of an […]

Time Lapsing – Android

1. App to Take Photos There’s a lot of apps, but few are suitable for longer-term use. The main problem is if the phone powers down without creating a video. There were good: Timelapse Upload to Cloud Timelapse 24/7 Open Camera LapseIT […]