Green Star Central

Green Star Central


Green Star Central eases the pain of running a Green Star project. It automates the common repetitive aspects such as determining which documents to submit, emailing the team members, tracking points, creating PDFs, adding bookmarks and creating submissions folders. A default submission can be created with one click. See it all in a minute, in the video below.

Features, Pricing and Support

Available per project at $80 / month. Multiple users at multiple sites can simultaneously use the system.

Australian support, online training videos and tutorials are available. Onsite training and phone support is available.

See a summary in the Green Star Central brochure.

Overview in Under Five Minutes

Download and Install


  • Microsoft Access 2013 or later. This is included in recent vesions of Microsoft Office, including Microsoft 365, OR

Green Star Central 3 (Design and As-Built)

  1. Click to  install the latest GSC version V3.0.1
  2. Click the Desktop icon to run, and press “New Project” to get started!

Green Star Central 2 (Seperate Tools)

For legacy projects, please contact us.


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