A39 House – Overview

I’ve recently finished a self-build of a small (90m²) house in Brisbane. It’s been “running” for 2 years now. It’s in Brisbane. TL:DR? See the time lapse of construction. Or there’s a photo gallery below. Interesting parts of the house:     Based […]

A39 House – Design

Daylight Modelling to Inform the Design Target A DF of 10% will always stop people turning on lights A DF of 3% is deemed “adequate” Target: 5% to most of the floor. But: minimise glare, moderate window sizes Method Ecotect and Radiance […]

A39 House – Construction

Tips: Concreting the Stumps Boral truck was very late, then charged a wait fee (!). Won’t use Boral again. Pumping (minipump) was well worth it. $500 with 2 guys did 8 cubes ( 8 x 16 large barrows). Pretty straight forward. 4 […]

A39 House – Performance and Monitoring

Air Sealing Testing Introduction and Rationale “Build tight and ventilate right” is the mantra for passive houses in cold climates, such as “Passivhaus”. The idea is to heavily reduce air entering the building through cracks, windows and the like. This reduces the […]

Architectural Hacking

Layout Moves Sometimes it’s hard to predict which layout will look best – often the plan (i.e “in plan”, looking down) is doesn’t tell the story of standing in the room. Using a 3D package and exporting similiar view is helpful. Hover […]