A39 House – Overview

I’ve recently finished a self-build of a small (90m²) house in Brisbane. It’s been “running” for 2 years now. It’s in Brisbane.
Interesting parts of the house:
  •     Based on Passive House principles – airtight, heat-exchanger, passive solar design.
  •     Phase Change Material – thermal mass without the weight (BioPCM)
  •     Custom built benches from Cadagee trees felled on site
  •     Recycled flooring, deck and custom cabinetry
  •     Monitoring system for temperature and energy using IotaWatt and OneWire sensors
  •     Cypress framing and weatherboard (termite resistant without pesticide)
  •     Vapour-permeable membrane, with external polystyrene insulation; door blower test
Interesting parts of the process:
  •  built with French HelperX workers
  •  built a house as “skilled amateur”
  •  used BIM (Revit) for design, building, scheduling and takeoffs

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