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Seam sealing

This is the first thing to go on a tent. My snow tent was fine except for the seams – tape flaked off. I’m unsure if it’s PU or Silnylon.
Some good background is here.

I’m trying the following tapes:

  • Tape for silicone Option 1
    • Polyester with silicone adhesive.
    • Is a sticky tape (no heat required)
    • Stuck well to 2 layer goretex (inner side) – pulls off goretex on removal. Seems like a semi-permanent solution for goretex.
    • Sticks well to silnylon. Can be pulled off with mild force. Semi-permanent solution here.
  • Tape for PU
    • Is not sticky
    • Apply with iron (medium/heat for 5-10s).
    • Bonds really well to 2 layer goretex (inner side) – pulls of goretex on removal (close to impossible to remove). Permanent on 2 layer goretex.
    • Bonds okay to nylon (e.g. tent) but can be pulled off with effort. Seems like a ‘semi-permanent’ solution.
    • Doesn’t bond at all to silnylon.

(Re)-coating nylon

I’ve had success with this method on silnylon fabrics, using low-odour turps (some say mineral turps is required).

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