CTs for IotaWatt 8266

CT Orientation

Echun (ECS) and Accu CTs can be used with the IotaWatt. To align with current flow:

  • Echun leads point to the grid
  • Accu leads point to the load

Big CTs – configuration in tables.txt


The tables.txt file has a good selection. Here are some additions.

Base it on ECS24400 (smaller version) which has:

"type": "CT",
"name": "Production",
"channel": "10",
"model": "ECS24400",
"phase": 0.3,
"turns": "8000",
"cal": 400,
"vphase": "0",
"vmult": 1

The ECS36600 is 600A:50mA or 12000 turns, so I’m using generic with Phase of 0.3 and 12000 turns which gives:

"channel": 1,
"name": "DB_T1R",
"type": "CT",
"model": "generic",
"phase": "0.3",
"turns": "12000",
"cal": 600

This seems ok: I’ll confirm.

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