Time Lapsing with Raspberry Pi

Time Lapse

Setup TimeLapse on RPi

  1. Enable camera via raspi-config
  2. Get pi-timolo which provides a nice script set and configuration to run time lapses
    1. Follow the update instructions on that page.
    2. Install pi-timolo as a service if you like. I found that troublesome.
  3. Get Dropbox Upload Scripti which allows uploading to Dropbox. Seup as described.
  4. Write short python script to upload images.

Convert Images to Movie on Windows 7

This was harder than expected – the following worked with much mucking about on a standard Windows 7 64-bit machine:

  1. Download FFMpeg and Unzip it.
  2. Put the directory (eg. ffmpeg-20140507-git-4cdea92-win64-static) somewhere like your desktop
  3. Run ff-prompt.bat to take you to the command line
  4. Move to your images location:
    cd c:\users\brettb\Documents\timelapse
  5. Run ffmpeg on the jpg images in that directory:
    ffmpeg.exe -start_number 4935 -r 15 -i DSC%5d.JPG videoname.avi			
  • Where 4935 is ESSENTIAL if your images don’t start at 0
  • DSC%5d.jpg grabs images DSC04935.jpg DSC04936.jpg etc. Note the 5 digits
  • Higher quality:

    ffmpeg.exe -start_number 1 -r 10 -i c%4d.JPG  -vcodec mpeg4 -b 2000k d.avi

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