Pi Zero W Timelapse Camera

This scratch pad records my experience with a Pi Zero W unit, capturing outside timelapse. Hardware Pi Zero W and 5MP NoIR camera in standard case Software Pi-TiMoLo – full feature, python based. Works out of the box, except pip cannot install […]

WebApp Development for a Esp32 Arduino Sketch

AJAX or websockets will allow nicer development. I’m trying BootStrap to get a tidy interface. Bootply.com and layitout.com enable you to easily create a css/html set of file to display nice buttons and the like. Pingendo (a desktop app) was better for […]

ESP32 Tricks and Tips

Time Keeping The ESP32 docs say you can set the RTC to keep time in deep sleep (“RTC clock is used to maintain accurate time when chip is in deep sleep mode”). This post details how to restore normal system time from […]

Mini Battery and Solar Powered Timelapse Camera

I wanted a small, battery-powered timelapse camera. First I tried mobile phones but they were not stable in the long term. Previously I’d used a Raspberry Pi which is good, but not battery friendly, a bit big, and a bit of an […]

Installing Monit on AWS

Unfortunately, AWS (ec2) doesn’t come with monit available via: So we need to do the following: Get binary from https://mmonit.com/monit/#download Install manually: Install as a service: https://mmonit.com/wiki/Monit/Systemd Check it’s running. When running, be sure to use sudo (root):

VBA Regex

Typical Replacement Example Dim objRegExp As Object ‘ RegExp using Microsoft VBScript 5.5 Set objRegExp = CreateObject(vbscript.regexp) Dim res As String res = Some text to stuff around with objRegExp.Global = True ‘ match all instance objRegExp.IgnoreCase = True ‘ Multi-space to […]

Time Lapsing with Raspberry Pi

Time Lapse Setup TimeLapse on RPi Enable camera via raspi-config Get pi-timolo which provides a nice script set and configuration to run time lapses Follow the update instructions on that page. Install pi-timolo as a service if you like. I found that […]

Web Design Services

I specialise in websites for: Small Australian businesses Bed and Breakfasts, and small hotels Architectural firms Retailers needing banking and e-commerce integration Since I work from home, I can keep costs down. Please contact me directly to discuss your requirements. I’m a […]

Beeson Excel Function

What is it? These add-in contains various User Defined Functions. They can answer the following Where is the Sunday in London on Friday afternoon in 2020? What is the wetbulb for a given humidity? How big should my duct / compressed air […]