InfluxDB1 to InfluxDB2 with SSL

Install new Ubuntu 20 LTS on AWS (t3.medium). ‘t3 is better value than t2’ (tried installing influxdb2 (auto upgrade from v1) then upgrade distro. Ok but influxdb crashed after upgrade.) Install InfluxDB2 using one big bucket with name as “db-name/rp-name” (phisaver/autogen) to […]

Robustel 3G Router Setup

Setting up a R1510-4L 3G router in Australia The setup is R1510-4L router with Telstra SIM card and Jasper web control. The goal is to setup the router on 3G and configure data allowances, etc. Plug into a computer and login to […]

Solar PV, Batteries and … Maths

Some, it all seems pretty simple, right? It’s just import, export, consumption. This post clarifies the sign (+ or -) conventions I use which seem to make things easiest. Each of the three images has a ‘control volume’ where we measure power […]

Zinken Compact 21 : Repairs

I bought this unit in Brisbane, Australia. This records details in case they are useful to others. Bearings Bearings were mostly stuffed after 30 years. They are metric and available from standard suppliers. Steel sides (ZZ). Spindle Molder Belt Idler: 6000 (x2) […]

PiZeroW AP + Wifi Client

So I wanted to be able to set the Wifi details of a Pi without connecting a monitor and keyboard. Easy, right? No. RaspAP almost does it out-of-the-box, but I couldn’t quite crack it. It’s the best solution once it’s working. Insetad […]

Time Travel, unittest.mock, freezegun and monkeypatch

To test time-dependant programs, such as timelapse camera, we can fudge the system time (sleep,. now()) in Python. Some options are: This is easy to use, but doesn’t manage sleep(). Use monkeypatch to override sleep(). Another is unittest.mock (good intro) which […]

Ubuntu 18 on Dell Windows 10

Notes on how to install and tune a HyperV VM running Ubuntu linux, for development. Did this March 2020. Did it on an older 6430u Dell and a brand new Dell laptop. VM HyperV Need Windows Pro and HyperV install. Use “Quick […]

Raspberry Pi Setup (Linux)

Setup SD Card on another linux machine to install headless I use Desktop Raspberry Pi OS distro. This is tested on a Pi Zero and a Pi 4 in Feb 2020. Insert a new SD card (e.g. /dev/sdc/). The check the install […]

Rope for Ski Touring

I wanna go ski touring in the european Alps in 2020 and needed to choose a rope: Half rope okay for crevasse falls and rapping, and maybe for very occasional protection (e.g. a little traverse). Half rope is tested to a few […]