Scott Road House

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I build this house in Herston, Brisbane. It's a compact house ('coz that's trendy) at 100m², with three bedrooms and one bathroom. It take 12 months to build and was completed in 2016.

You can see live temperature results here (if my computer is on!):

Interesting parts of the house:

  • Based on Passive House principles - airtight, no air-conditoining, heat-exchanger, passive solar design.
  • Phase Change Material - thermal mass without the weight.
  • Custom built benches from Cadagee trees felled on site
  • Recycled flooring, deck and some cabientry
  • Monitoring system (in progress) for temperature using OpenEnergyMonitor and OneWire sensors
  • Thin-client IT infrastructure, with central hub
  • Lots of compact storage: murphy bed, folding desks, custom shelving, IT rack
  • Cypress framing and weatherboard (termite resistant without pesticide)
  • Vapour-permeable membrane, with external polystrenene insulation

Interesting parts of the process:

  • built with HelperX workers
  • building a house as "skilled amateur" : can you do it?
  • all house plans are available to download as PDF and Revit
  • details on costings and budgeting with exact figures
  • using recycled / reused materials, versus new materials
  • using Revit for scheduling and takeoffs