Access Grafana v5 via token without login screen

This works for Grafana v5. Grafana v6 has removed this functionality for security reasons. This explains how I implemented a previously outlined solution, in a step-by-step fashion. I initially struggled to get this running.   There’s the method that worked. Overview The goal […]

Investigating for IotaWatt, AWS, InfluxDB and Grafana

I’ve previously used EmonCMS to log power and energy data from a IotaWatt  / EmonTx system. This works well, but I’ve been looking for a flexible and fast alternative. The combination of IotaWatt, InfluxDB and Grafana look to provide this. My experiences […]

Tips for InfluxDB and Grafana when using IotaWatt

This post is a collection of tips, in no particular order. It follows on from Iotawatt, InfluxDB and Grafana Setup which is a step-by-step. Do that first, then tweak with these. Snippets for Influx # Delete a CT delete from iotawatt where ct=~/Circuit.*/ […]

TTGO Lora ESP32 V2.1 R1.6

Software Library and Pins for LoRa V2.1_1.6 Site from seller (copied below) shows: Lora, operating on SPI: 26 = DI0/IO0 23 = IRQ/RESET 18 = NSS/SEL (Slave select?) 5 = SCK (clock?) 27 = MOSI 19 = MISO SD Card, also on […]

Remote Battery-Powered Sensor

  Like every man and this dog, I’m going to build a battery powered IoT module. Ideally it will Run for >1 year on battery (solar is an option, but an extra complication) Use WiFi or LoRa or radio to wirelessly transmit. […]