Energy Dashboards

Currently (2021) PhiSaver has one billlion data points. It’s a bit hard to display in a single user dashboard. An efficient user dashboard should answer questions. This page charts my progress to the mythical perfect energy monitoring dashboard.

Typical user

  • 30 – 60 years old
  • Not technical. Maybe knows about some units (W, kW).
  • Aware of their usage (e.g it’s higher in summer, it’s about $100/qtr)

Questions I hear:

  • How much energy do I use?
  • Where is my energy going?
  • Is my bill right?
  • Is my solar working?

… and how to answer them

  • How much energy do I use?
    • Number: 10 kWh/day (average)
    • Text: 10% less this month than normal
    • Visual: Graph of monthly consumption
  • Where is my energy going?
    • Visual: Pie chart
  • Is my bill right?
    • Number: estimated bill ($/qtr)
    • Text: you exported X kWh/qtr ($100) and imported Y kWh/qtr ($200) and has a assumed service rates of $1/day
  • Is my solar working? What’s my consumption?
    • Number: 15 kWh/day
    • Visual: line graph of production and consumption
    • Visual: compare import/export/production/consumption in columns

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