Long Distance European Hiking… with a Tweenager


Sleeping bag

MD Ultra 500 (900g) has a probable EN rating of -8°C (limit) to 0°C (comfort). This was ok for me for all non-snow hiking. Sleeping outside in a bivy on snow was cold but not deadly. Hence for earlyish GR10 hiking (probable minimum -2°C) a range -5°C to 0°C is suitable. That’s about $500 AUD or $200 US. Weighs about 800g. Older bag is Mountain Designs Mountain Series @ 1400g so worth replacing.

JD: Uses BB’s

BB: new casual bag: roomy, 0deg, light. 700g. Example. Limit temp 0. K2 example (mont and exped). K2 +3 example. Quilt would ok.

FDB: medium/small size, better quality, warmer. 750g Limit temp -4. Western Mountaineering Summerlite (paddy palin) is 0deg but “feels warmer” and OGL good review. rei magma 30 good.


MSR Kettle is good but too small for 3p. An aluminum point (1.4L, 160D x 70H) is a tad too small for cooking (e.g. pasta) a 3p meal. So a good setup is:

  • MSR Kettle + 1 or 2 plastic cups: hence 3 cups for tea, coffee. Boils enough for 2p tea. Serves as 1 bowl.
  • 2L pot (Al or Ti) with lid for cooking. Eat from pot. Use MSR Kettle + cup for other dishes
  • 3 sporks, maybe foldable. Not titanium!

The new pot (e.g. in Al) is 160D x 160H. With handle. 250g. Or fancy Titanium of similar dimensions but 180g. (Not worth the cost for titanium.)

BUY: check cups/cutley and buy required


  • NeoAir is best for warmth/weight. Full size is 410g, R4 and $375. “UberLite” is R2 and lighter again (250g). R6 is 510g.
  • Slightly heavier but maybe more comfortable, less crinkly is the SeaToSummit EtherLightXT is R3, 530g in full size and $225. Expend (k2) is R3, 560g, looks comfy


Marmot Minimalist is good light/durable/etc balance. My is delaminating after 5 years. Lotsa options.


Tent: MSR Hubba is a standard go-to and light at 2.2kg, but $1100 AUD.

Tarp: For comfort with 3p, need 3mx3m+ (say 3mx4m?). Silnylon. 400g? $200 AUD plus build?

Combo : would be a small tent for emergencies (2p alpine) or 1p for tweenager plus a tarp for adults?

Get Black Diamond Mega Light 4p


Trail runners or light synth boots if snow is envisaged. Can combine with dirty-girl gaiters for minimal snow or bigger gaiters.

BB, JD: Have shoes

FDB: Trail shoes


Nitecore 17,20 or 25. have nice options. They are USB-by-default which is preferred as you can charge at a hut (but can’t buy batteries). Plus… batteries bad. The NU25 is good, but not for long distance trail finding (broad beam, no focus).

Petzl, Black-Diamond, LED-Lenser have options too. Petzl tikki with usb good option.

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