Long Distance European Hiking… with a Tweenager


Sleeping bag

MD Ultra 500 (900g) has a probable EN rating of -8°C (limit) to 0°C (comfort). This was ok for me for all non-snow hiking. Sleeping outside in a bivy on snow was cold but not deadly. Hence for earlyish GR10 hiking (probable minimum -2°C) a range -5°C to 0°C is suitable. That’s about $500 AUD or $200 US. Weighs about 800g. Older bag is Mountain Designs Mountain Series @ 1400g so worth replacing.


MSR Kettle is good but too small for 3p. An aluminum point (1.4L, 160D x 70H) is a tad too small for cooking (e.g. pasta) a 3p meal. So a good setup is:

  • MSR Kettle + 1 or 2 plastic cups: hence 3 cups for tea, coffee. Boils enough for 2p tea. Serves as 1 bowl.
  • 2L pot (Al or Ti) with lid for cooking. Eat from pot. Use MSR Kettle + cup for other dishes
  • 3 sporks, maybe foldable. Not titanium!

The new pot (e.g. in Al) is 160D x 160H. With handle. 250g. Or fancy Titanium of similar dimensions but 180g. (Not worth the cost for titanium.)


  • NeoAir is best for warmth/weight. Full size is 360g, R4 and $375. “UberLite” is R2 and lighter again (250g).
  • Slightly heavier but maybe more comfortable, less crinkly is the SeaToSummit EtherLightXT is R3, 530g in full size and $225.


Marmot Minimalist is good light/durable/etc balance. My is delaminating after 5 years. Lotsa options.


Tent: MSR Hubba is a standard go-to and light at 2.2kg, but $1100 AUD.

Tarp: For comfort with 3p, need 3mx3m+ (say 3mx4m?). Silnylon. 400g? $200 AUD plus build?

Combo : would be a small tent for emergencies (2p alpine) or 1p for tweenager plus a tarp for adults?


Trail runners or light synth boots if snow is envisaged. Can combine with dirty-girl gaiters for minimal snow or bigger gaiters.


Nitecore have nice options. They are USB-by-default which is preferred as you can charge at a hut (but can’t buy batteries). Plus… batteries bad. The NU25 is good, but not for long distance trail finding (broad beam, no focus).

Petzl, Black-Diamond, LED-Lenser have options too.

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