InfluxDB1 to InfluxDB2 with SSL

  • Install new Ubuntu 20 LTS on AWS (t3.medium).
    • ‘t3 is better value than t2’
    • (tried installing influxdb2 (auto upgrade from v1) then upgrade distro. Ok but influxdb crashed after upgrade.)
  • Install InfluxDB2
    • using one big bucket with name as “db-name/rp-name” (phisaver/autogen) to match v1
    • (need to work out different buckets and/or organisations to seperate multi-tenants)
  • Install SSL
    • Influx‘s docs for self-signed are work
    • Need to sort out certbot and SSL certs. Wildcard for * ???
  • Config InfluxDB2
    • Upload v1 data or copy via EBS
    • add v1 compatible users
  • Install NGINX
    • Add other hosted sites and their SSL (certbot?). and
    • Redirect :80 to localhost:3000 (grafana) for host:
    • Redirect to https://localhost:8086
  • Install Grafana
    • Copy setup from v1 server (users, orgs, dashboards)

SSL Details

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