Nice bank?

Currently banking with a big four in Australia, wanna change to non evil bank.

Options from 5 minutes googling for below.

At the time of writing (Jan 2024), comparethemarket and finder report 6.0% is the lowest off-the-shelf rate available. I pay about 6.4% (estimated from 6.0% base) on home loans. It’s 0.3% higher for investment loans. This provides a ‘free’ credit card and offset.

Bank Options

All rates are comparison rates.

  • Suncorp
    • Easy register for callback.
    • Good initial contact
    • “Back to Basics” offered 6.1% redraw only (no offset)
    • Add offset and it’s 6.5% extra. This is the same as current.
    • “Back to Basics” offered loan is 6.3%. Better than current as no-frills.
    • Seems fine.
    • STOP PRESS: Bought by ANZ in 2022 and now focus insurance. Hence off the green list
  • Bank Australia
  • Teachers Credit Union
    • Phone service fail? Third time lucky? Trying a booking… ok that worked.
    • Video call ok. No business banking. No frills.


Go with Suncorp or Bank Australia. Bank Australia is maybe ‘greener’ and 0.1% more expensive. Suncorp has better customer service and more well known, but was sold to ANZ so off the green table.

Bank Australia is the winner!

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