Robustel 3G Router Setup

Setting up a  R1510-4L 3G router in Australia

The setup is R1510-4L router with Telstra SIM card and Jasper web control. The goal is to setup the router on 3G and configure data allowances, etc.

  • Plug into a computer and login to Immediately change Interface>LAN to a to avoid conflicts. Don’t forget (like me) to change the DHCP pool address too!
  • In theory the SIM should just connect and on Jasper you see “activated” it can take a while.
  • In practice I need to change APN in Interface>WWAN1 from Auto to “telstra.internet”
  • System>Debug is good to watch to see it trying to activate.
  • Interface>WWAN1 has a upload rate and data allowance setting


  • Turn off everything not required (e.g. ssh, telnet).
  • Using a VPN, ‘local’ appears to apply to the VPN (?)
  • Telnet appears open and working AFTER disabling ! A firmware upgrade and reboot did not fix this.

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