Accht Ale: Targeted

Another take with stronger hops on an excellent beer courtesy of a neighbour. Jan 2020.


  • 1.5kg light malt extract (ie. liquid)
  • 2kg malt (dry)
  • 50g Target Hops (bittering)
  • Ale Yeast: 0#4 Safale Yeast
  • 50g Target Hops (dry hopping)
  • (Bulk Prime): 105 (?) g dextrose


  • 7L boil to dissolve malts
  • Immediately add hops and boil for 60min
  • Add to fermenter with cool 5L water (too hot, had to cool). Fill to about 18L to get SG1.055
  • Put in fridge controlled to 18°C, dry pitch yeast at 20°C the next day.
  • Accidently cooled for 24hr to about 10°C. Fixed back to 18°C
  • Dry hop on day 5 – just throw in 50g of target hops
  • Ferment total of ? days.
  • Bulk prime (105?g dextrose) and crown seal


  • Day 5: strong bitter hop taste. good. strong and bitter at end. will
brew blob
brew blob temp profile

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