Rope for Ski Touring

I wanna go ski touring in the european Alps in 2020 and needed to choose a rope:

  • Half rope okay for crevasse falls and rapping, and maybe for very occasional protection (e.g. a little traverse). Half rope is tested to a few falls on 50kg weight. This is okay for low angle falls and crevasses (as the snow limits fall factor) but not good for rock or hard vertical.
  • Twin rope is not tested on a single strand.
  • Single rope okay, but heavier.
  • 6mm static dyneema (e.g. Petzl RAD) would be okay, but can never protect a little climb and requires new skills (e.g. two biners for rapping).
  • 2x 30m for two skiers, as you have to assume one or the other goes in.
  • Use with prussiks and Petzl microtraxxion and tibloc.
  • 8mm ropes are okay for use in microtraxxion and 7.8mm for ATC.

Hence I want 2x 30m of dynamic ~8mm rope.

Options are:

  • BD 7.9mm pro dry. 39g/m. Good option. 240 amazon, 233 trekkinn ($65 post), 260 in italy shops
  • Edelrid Apus Pro Dry 7.9 44g/m. Good reviews. 9 falls.
  • BEAL CORDA ICE LINE GOLD DRY 8,1 60m, 42g/m.
  • Skimmer 7.1mm 36g/m. 5 falls. Less durable and below thickness for ATC. Review. Too thin for comfort and below ATC limit.

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