Tom’s Dark Secret


  • Bremer Brewer Superior Dry Ale, Mini-Mash (1kg liquid incl. malt and hopped)
  • 1 kg dark amber malt (dry)
  • 60g cascade
  • 23L water
  • 40g Centennial (dry hop)
  • 40 Mosaic (dry hop)
  • Yeast (from Bremer Kit)


  1. No boiling! Put water, mini-mash and malt into fermenter.
  2. Use cooled water to obtain about 20c.
  3. Add yeast
  4. Ferment at 18-20 for 10 days
  5. Dry hop day 4-8 and remove


  1. Didn’t see ferment, but down to 1011 after 4 days, for the start of dry hop.
  2. Taste at day 4: dark aley with slight sourness. maybe very slight passionfruit/homebrew taste? Seems pretty good.

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