Ubuntu 18 on Dell Windows 10

Notes on how to install and tune a HyperV VM running Ubuntu linux, for development. Did this March 2020. Did it on an older 6430u Dell and a brand new Dell laptop.

VM HyperV

  • Need Windows Pro and HyperV install. Use “Quick Create”with Ubuntu 18 LTS.
  • Older machine, was too laggy. The newer machine was ok out of the box. This appears to help:
    • Turn of power saving stuff (“C STATES”) in BIOS
    • ? In HyperC settings, check “Migrate to physical computer with a different processor version”
  • Still not great but ok. A good check is moving a simple windows – it’s jittery.
  • Downgrading the Windows screen resolution to 1920×1080 and then the same for the VM improved performance of window rendering. Seems nicer


  • Don’t use auto login
  • Select “fullscreen” for the first login
  • In Settings>Display change to 200% if fonts too small, and change keyboard/etc via “region”

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