Pi Zero W Timelapse Camera

This scratch pad records my experience with a Pi Zero W unit, capturing outside timelapse.


  • Pi Zero W and 5MP NoIR camera in standard case


Pi-TiMoLo – full feature, python based.

  • Works out of the box, except pip cannot install pyexiv2 (to fix)
  • Webserver works too!


  • Setup WiFi, SSH
  • apt-get update
  • apt-get upgrade-dist
  • Test cam via raspistill
  • Install Pi-TiMoLo
  • edit ~/pitimolo/ (base off timelapse ‘plugin’ config)
  • run and on boot via /etc/rc.local
  • rclone config to setup a remote file store (ftp to start)
  • cp to and modify to move all files
  • crontab -e to run regularly

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