Walking GR5 Via Alpina in May June (2016)

In May and June of 2016 I walked from Menton (near Nice, south-east France) to Mont Paradiso (Italy, nearish Mt Blanc) which is quite high. There are some notes and tips and photos. Details below, or:TLDR> see the photo gallery. Where See […]

Talking and Listening with Python

 I note some details about getting Python 3 to talk and listen, and read and write (Exif data) Setup >py -v Python 3.5.2 >>> platform.architecture() (’64bit’, ‘WindowsPE’) Listen >pip install SpeechRecognition >pip install PyAudio # If you need a microphone Read and […]

VBA Regex

Typical Replacement Example Dim objRegExp As Object ‘ RegExp using Microsoft VBScript 5.5 Set objRegExp = CreateObject(vbscript.regexp) Dim res As String res = Some text to stuff around with objRegExp.Global = True ‘ match all instance objRegExp.IgnoreCase = True ‘ Multi-space to […]

Web Design Services

I specialise in websites for: Small Australian businesses Bed and Breakfasts, and small hotels Architectural firms Retailers needing banking and e-commerce integration Since I work from home, I can keep costs down. Please contact me directly to discuss your requirements. I’m a […]

Access Grafana v5 via token without login screen

This works for Grafana v5. Grafana v6 has removed this functionality for security reasons. This explains how I implemented a previously outlined solution, in a step-by-step fashion. I initially struggled to get this running.   There’s the method that worked. Overview The goal […]

Remote Battery-Powered Sensor

  Like every man and this dog, I’m going to build a battery powered IoT module. Ideally it will Run for >1 year on battery (solar is an option, but an extra complication) Use WiFi or LoRa or radio to wirelessly transmit. […]

Scott Road House Gallery

I’ve recently finished a self-build of a small (90m²) house in Brisbane. It’s been “running” for 2 years now. [ape-gallery 360]  

Improving Fridge Performance

As recent client had a few fridges, including wine fridges. They varied in age. Initial PhiSaver analysis over a few weeks showed “Power” was the major user. Power includes all powerpoints in this case. Often this is relatively low but here the […]

Installing Grafana, InfluxDB, Apache2 on AWS EC2: Step by Step

A medium-performance setup for Grafana on AWS. Private files at github. Setup the instance t3.large, Ubuntu 18 (or AWS Linux 2) as I’m familiar with it Seperate root and data disks Security group with 8083 (InfluxDB), 22 (SSH), 80 (www) and, optionally, […]