Hacking the Sungrow 5 Inverter

This inverter has a WiFi connection and opens ports 80 (password protected) and 502 (modbus). It’s possible to read the modbus registers. There’s a handy script that’s done all the hard work. This can import into Influx, as shown below on the […]

Access Grafana via token without login screen

This explains how I implemented a previously outlined solution, in a step-by-step fashion. I initially struggled to get this running.¬†¬† There’s the method that worked. Overview The goal is to give someone a unique link, through which they can logon without a […]

Investigating for IotaWatt, AWS, InfluxDB and Grafana

I’ve previously used EmonCMS to log power and energy data from a IotaWatt¬† / EmonTx system. This works well, but I’ve been looking for a flexible and fast alternative. The combination of IotaWatt, InfluxDB and Grafana look to provide this. My experiences […]

Sizing a Battery and Solar System with Phisaver Data

This follows how I sized a solar and battery system for my house, using energy monitoring data from phisaver. An example of the data is below: Sizing the System Firstly I checked the daily consumption, and night-time consumption: Daily average of 13.5kWh/day. […]

Iotawatt, InfluxDB and Grafana Setup

This post summarises how I configure IotaWatt, InfluxDB and Grafana to display energy consumption. It uses an AWS EC2 instance. See installation for preliminary details. See Architecture for IotaWatt, AWS, InfluxDB and Grafana for detailed explorations. Setup InfluxDB in the Cloud # […]

Improving Fridge Performance

As recent client had a few fridges, including wine fridges. They varied in age. Initial PhiSaver analysis over a few weeks showed “Power” was the major user. Power includes all powerpoints in this case. Often this is relatively low but here the […]

Installing Grafana, InfluxDB, Apache2 on AWS EC2

This is on a standard Linux 2 EC2 instance (t2.micro). This only provides 1Gb RAM, which is only adequate for low load. Setup the instance as follows: All defaults Security group with 8083 (InfluxDB), 22 (SSH) and 3000 (Grafana) open Install the […]

Moving to production with InfluxDB, Grafana and AWS EC2

Current Setup So I’ve got an InfluxDB collecting time-series data from a half a dozen IoT devices. They feed about 100 points every 10s. Then Grafana runs queries on the database. I install them like this. Grafana and InfluxDB are running on […]